Thursday October 17th, 2019

uthawi is non-hierarchical collective, consisting of a network of friends from Sri Lanka, Germany and
the worldwide Srilankan Tamil diaspora. These people have been joining hands voluntarily to support
specific sociocultural activities, e.g. children’s education, general education, … beyond separating
factors like religion, language, ethnic group, cast, gender or institutionalized power.


Back in 2002, when we started our activities during the on-going war in Sri Lanka, we were only able
to reach out to various children´s homes. We were able to identify a total of five homes in the
Eastern province, which were suffering from a strained economic situation.


We tried to cover the most urgent needs of the children in those homes, mainly their accommodation, clothing, food and medical support through collections of money from the friends.


Since the end of the war in the second half of 2009 we have expanded our activities to independent
local groups in Batticaloa and to schools in Kandaloya. Our focus is on the education and the
development of personal skills of children in those region.