How we work


We visit and identify places such as schools, homes, village and community organizations where children need special attention and require essential basic amenities. Initially we interact with the authorities and the management about the specific requirements needed in their institutions, giving priority to activities that enriches the learning skills and personality of the children. We assist the institutions in meeting the basic amenities and coordinate with them to conduct other uthawi programs.



We share and discuss all the details about the places we visited and identified within our collective: the general and specific requirements of the children, the institutions and friends willing to work with uthawi in materializing the needs of children and with our other programs such as personality development, the actual financial assistance required, schemes to be shared with friends of uthawi through uthawi website, Blog, social networking sites, email, mail and direct contact.





For all the activities of uthawi, we receive financial contributions only from our friends. We do not accept any kind of financial contributions from both government and non-governmental organizations.


All financial contributions to uthawi reach the account of noadminKriegswaisenhilfe Sri-Lanka e., an organization registered by the friends of uthawi in Germany. To reduce transaction fee, the contributions collected here are transferred to the accounts of friends of uthawi in Sri Lanka only once in a year. This transaction fee and other charges required to maintain the accounts in the two places are the only expenses that are incurred on things outside uthawi activities.




The money received in Sri Lanka is distributed to the organizations that uthawi works with, according to their necessities. Since there is never any reserve money left in the account and transactions to it are made only once in a year, uthawi Sri Lanka borrows money from friends in Sri Lanka during the year, returning it the next year when the yearly transaction is made.


watchIn Sri Lanka friends of uthawi in Sri Lanka directly visit the organizations that we work with and see for themselves how the money is spent and what work is undertaken. The management of the organizations also submits all the account and balance sheet details related with funds received and spent towards uthawi activities. Friends of uthawi in Germany submit detailed reports on funds sent to Sri Lanka, expenditures incurred in Sri Lanka, and the account details of banks in Sri Lanka and Germany to German Reserve Bank through Kriegswaisenhilfe Sri-Lanka e for verifications and approval. It is only after the financial accounts are verified and approved by the German Reserve Bank that friend of uthawi in Germany receive relevant tax concessions.




All the financial documents—detailed reports of financial transactions (funds received and spent), expenditure reports by the organizations in Sri Lanka, documents related to tax concessions—are sent individually to every financial contributor. Complete financial records along with the list of contributors will be made available in our website,



Besides, friends of uthawi are welcome to personally visit specific places where we work in Sri Lanka to witness and participate in uthawi activities directly. At the time they can also check with the concerned people, management as well as children, whether their contributions are spent properly.