Who we are

We are united to ensure childrens’ education which is likely interrupted due to poverty.

We are friends from and outside Sri Lanka.

When children of Sri Lanka, particularly from the areas where socio-economically oppressed Tamils live, were not able to continue their education due to the socio-economic conditions of their parents, we do what all we could do enabling them continue their education and thereby ensuring the social upliftment of the region.

Our foundation is a just network (of friends) irrespective of nationality, religion, race, caste and gender differences. We operate without any administrative structure.

The financial support donated by friends outside Sri Lanka is our only resource for all our activities.

You can reach us either by post or email.

You could also meet us making a visit to the areas where our activities are.


Contact Organizations:
Art, Literature and Social Development Association, Arasaditheevu, Batticaloa
Kandhaloya Tamil Vidyalayam, Nawalapitiya



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