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Sri Lanka Hill Country Kandaloya

An estate worker earns an equivalent of 3 EUR per day, on average and works for only 14 days per month. The estate workers do not have any job for the remaining days of the month. As the income of the workers is not enough to meet the ends of the family, the children are forced either to go for other jobs to support their family or to remain at home. However, they were not able to go to school as the parents find it difficult to pay for their childrens’ education. Your contributions helps to facilitate the children
to pursue their education without any interruption and thereby reduce the economic burden of the parents.

The Kandolaya Tamil Vidyalaya at the Kandolaya Estate has an enrollment of about 250 students and needs at least 22 teachers. At present, there are only 8 teachers. As the Kandolaya estate is located remotely from the neighbouring town, Navalapitti, and there are very limited transport facilities from the town, the teachers do not prefer to come working here. Those who join the school as teachers often get transfer and do not stay here longer. In this situation, your contribution helps to support the
unemployed but qualified youth to work as temporary teachers at the Kandolaya Tamil Vidyalaya to reduce the teaching and financial burden thereby.


Sri Lanka, Eastern Province

The children, from the socio-economically backward areas that are affected due to war and other factors, are lagging behind other students compared to their peers. The primary concern of the ‘Slow Learning’ project is to enrich their learning, reading and writing skills of these student. With your contribution, we supported unemployed youth, who were also not able to pursue higher education due to their socio-economic problems and remain at homes otherwise, making them as volunteers to facilitate Slow Learning Programme.

These activities of Uthawi will continue and Uthawi would attempt to initiate other activities in the future based on the situation only through your contribution. Keep contribute. Do bring your friends part of our collective.



Contributors – Year 2018

Sunday April 1st, 2018

Total donation from Year 2002

So was it: 2005/2006

Thursday May 12th, 2016

2006 Pestalozzi Gymnasium Herne


2006 Computer sponsered by Pestalozzi Gymnasium Herne 2

2006 Computer sponsered by Pestalozzi Gymnasium Herne 3

2006 Computer sponsered by Pestalozzi Gymnasium herne

2006 Computer sponsered by Pestalozzi Gymnasium Herne 5

2005 Bycles sponsered by Realschule Sodingen Herne 2

2005 Bycles sponsered by Realschule Sodingen Herne

Your contribution

Friday January 22nd, 2016

16102015_1On behalf our children, we express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your contributions.

We have sent all necessary details to your e-mail with which you could see, at any time (24/7) from anywhere in the world, on how your invaluable contributions are getting transactioned and  being utilized  any time at our site: URL: www.uthawi.net/donor. In case if you did not receive the details or the e-mail, please feel free contact us.


uthawi activities getting life with your contributions

* Chinnanjiru Pookkal Book release (Little Flowers Book, an anthology of creative works by the children)

* Santhosa pozhuthukal (Memorable Moments: An event involving participation of children and parents)

* Funds for purchasing of equipments for the school

* Funds for teachers’ salary

* Funds for the Students’ Hostel

* Funds for the screening of International Films and the volunteers

* Funds for the volunteers of story telling

* Funds for the teachers particular to Slow Learning

*  Funds for  students

All the activities are being carried out by the generous  financial support offered by uthawi friends.


IMG_2624The mobility of fund

* Your contributions towards uthawi reach into the bank account of  Kriegswaisenhilfe Sri-Lanka e.V, an organization registered by uthawi friends in Germany

* The contributions, thus received, are sent to the bank account of uthawi friend in Sri Lanka once in a year to reduce the service charges essential for the transaction at the bank

* The expenditures to be charged by the bank maintaining account and financial transactions are the only expenditures that are met with the contributions outside uthawi activities

* The fund received at the uthawi friend’s account is distributed to the diverse activities of uthawi

* uthawi friends in Sri Lanka ensure the workdone utilizing uthawi fund by directly visiting the places and witnessing activities

* We receive reports on the work done through uthawi fund by the uthawi volunteers

* We submit all the reports on expenditure details, the  bank account statement of uthawi friend in Sri Lanka and that of Germany to German Tax Authority Kriegswaisenhilfe Sri-Lanka e.V for monitoring

Above all, you are always welcome to Sri Lanka to directly witness whether the contributions received are properly utilized for uthawi activities

We express our sincere gratitude for your kindness supporting the children in Sri Lanka, along with us

With love


STORY.2014 – 2

Friday August 8th, 2014

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STORY.2014 – 1

Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

uthawi.story.2014.1 from uthawi on Vimeo.

Your support

Sunday April 20th, 2014